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Lauryn Latimer


“This is one of the best things to happen to me. Seeing there are people in the community who are willing to give hope and support to us in going to college.” In her application essay, Lauryn wrote that Stacey Abrams has taught her “that  even when the odds are against you, you have to keep fighting for what you believe in. No matter how many times you fall, you have to get back up and PUSH until something happens.”

Charnecia Cummings


“I enjoy the subjects English and Science. I am enrolled in the Construction and Technology program and I have become OSHA certified and I am working to become NCCER certified – meaning I will be a licensed construction worker. I’m

in a multitude of clubs like national Honor Society, Girlfriends, African American Achievers, GO team, SWAT, Basketball cheerleading. I’m the head football trainer at my school for the football team and I am in the Delta Gems program.

Amya Ellison


“I currently take and have taken multiple AP and Dual Enrollment courses and maintain straight A’s in them. I am ranked 8 out of a class size of 366 and hold a 4.4 weighted GPA. I enjoy volunteering with my school’s Key Club at many different parks, recreation centers, and other schools. I do plan to return during my college breaks and visit the Carter G. Woodson Museum, and keep contact with all of the wonderful people I have met there that have led me to this point.”

some thoughts from a few of of the woodson warriors scholarship winners

Diamond Scrivens


The First Ladies event was truly inspiring! Being able to experience many successful women and celebrate their success was truly inspirational to me! Hopefully, one day I will be in their seats celebrating me and other successful women’s achievements!” Diamond is a senior at Gibbs High School’s Business Economics Technology Academy. Throughout high school she has “maintained a 3.7 GPA, while participating in Student Government Association as Treasurer, Gibbs Bucks Coffee Shop as President, Girlfriends, Christian Club, and band auxiliary, while maintaining a job at Publix.”

Demetrius Williams

Demetrius Williams

I would like to own a business someday in clothing or foodservice. I will be attending University of Miami for Marketing, a major I chose to study to prep me with the skills of getting my dream out there because one cannot run a business if no one knows it exists. I have a 4.31 GPA and attend St. Petersburg High School in the Hospitality & Tourism program. I am ready to go to Miami and experience the bloom of diversity, culture, and first-hand look at how my aspiring industries work, because food and couture are two things Miami is known for.
Thank you once again for this opportunity and gracing me with a chance to help pay for my cost of attendance at UM.

Illumination 76"x60"


See for additional available paintings. Proceeds from the sales of these paintings will also go to the Woodson Warriors Scholarship Fund.